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    Ffil Final Report

    June 13th, 2013

    The final Ffil project report has now been published:

    JISC Final Report: Feed forward for Informed Learning (PDF)

    The following supporting documents are also available:

    Evaluation Report – User experience of project materials (PDF)

    KIS Information for The Learner Journey interactive on-line resources (PDF)

    Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group Meeting

    July 12th, 2012

    ‘Yesterday (July 11th 2012) we attended the JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group meeting to give feedback on, and share, the success of the ALLE learner journey to date. Together with Lyn Greaves who runs the ALLE, we presented different perspectives on the project – from the viewpoint of a student Learning Objects creator and a student who used them. This was important for demonstrating the power of what students can do for other students, recognising that the tools created by students were the ones that other students found most helpful. As an extension to this we also shared the news of our ‘Students 4 Students’ approach to our FfIL project and had some very interesting questions that have proved useful in bringing to light some additional areas for thought.’

    New Project Underway!

    July 5th, 2012

    Under the acronym FFIL, ‘Feed-forward for Informed Learning,’ the new JISC project has begun. Our aim is to help students with the ongoing problem of how best to utilise feedback and its importance with regards to improving their academic studies through the use of learning objects and accompanied by a newly designed Wiki website.

    On Tuesday 26th June 2012, the first dissemination event was held, when the FFIL project was presented to the University of West London at the 2012 Teaching and Learning Conference. The reaction was very encouraging and we were met with a reception of nodding heads with particular interest from the Chair of our session; Megan Lawton, University of Wolverhampton.

    This marked the first collaboration of our group, as we all came together to present the individual areas we are managing. There was a clear sense of enthusiasm amongst the UWL staff during our presentation, especially due to the unique concept of a project designed for undergraduates and run entirely by students. Certain familiar faces of IT staff and supervising tutors reinforced how pleased we are to be working within the security of the University, whilst having the freedom to work in a way which suits us and reflects the student perspective. We are looking forward to meeting future users and developers of the learner objects, (online tools) produced using the ‘GLOmaker’ tool at further dissemination events, as well as sharing our Online Help Gateway with others.

    If you are interested in more information about the project or future events, please get in touch with us: joanne.driscoll@ex.uwl.ac.uk.

    We hope to be in touch with you soon for more updates on our project.

    Webinar: Outputs from JISC ALLE project

    March 26th, 2012

    On 20th January Lyn Greaves and Andy Turner presented a webinar as part of the JISC e-Learning Programmes strand. Slides, audio and a recording of the Blackboard Collaborate session can be found at http://elearningprogs.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2012/01/23/listen-or-watch-again-outputs-from-jisc-alle-session/

    HEA Discipline Workshop & Seminar Series 2011-12: West London event, 25th Jan – videos

    March 23rd, 2012

    Participants at an HEA Discipline workshop held at the University of West London were delighted to have an exceptional presentation from 1st year undergraduates on the BA Business Studies. Joanna, Ayman and Sunny, having literally just finished their first semester, wowed the audience with their digital literacy and presentation skills.

    Click on the link to see the students in action: HEA Workshop – student presentation

    HEA Workshop - student presentation

    To see the presentation outlining the development of the Learner Journey used by the students click on the following link: HEA Workshop video (53 mins)

    HEA Workshop - student presentation

    HEA Discipline Workshop & Seminar Series 2011-12: West London event, 25th Jan

    December 5th, 2011

    Learning Journeys: Supporting Learner Digital Literacy Acquisition with 1st Year West London Business School Undergraduate Students

    See the flyer below for details of the forthcoming event on Wednesday 25th January 2012 at the University of West London:

    HEA Discipline Workshop & Seminar Series 2011-12 – flyer (PDF)

    To register for the event please email: charmaine.julien@uwl.ac.uk

    Learner Journey – revised version published

    July 19th, 2011

    A revised version of the Learner Journey is now available at http://hermes.uwl.ac.uk/learnerjourney/

    This version incorporates changes made in response to feedback from students who have used the materials.

    Colleagues at other institutions are welcome to make use of the Learner Journey: to adapt these resources for your particular needs and preferences please contact lyn.greaves@uwl.ac.uk

    ALLE flyer

    July 18th, 2011

    We have produced an A4 flyer summarising the work of the ALLE project.

    Click on the image below to open this flyer as a PDF.

    ALLE flyer - click to open PDF


    September 9th, 2010

    ALLE is an exciting 12 month JISC-funded Learning and Teaching Innovation project led by the University of West London (formerly TVU) with London Metropolitan University (London Met). This project is creating and evaluating a scaffolded digital learning literacy environment, which will enable learners to embark on an interactive learner journey, using reusable learning objects, supporting their learning and literacy acquisition.

    New and existing interactive materials have been brought together in a cohesive and structured framework enclosed in a wraparound shell.  The final resource will be designed for repurpose and evaluation across a range of authentic contexts (e.g. workplace, community or placement).

    If you would like to use the Journey as it is with your students feel free to use the link – see the ‘Project Output’ page. If you would like to customise the Journey or possibly create different materials to put in your own version please contact me at lyn.greaves@uwl.ac.uk to discuss how we can support you in this.